January 16, 2012

Cool Story Bro


On the way back from record shopping I was riding down Blaisdell and had just passed through an intersection with traffic lights, when a cop car pulled alongside me and flashed the lights. I pulled to a stop and they immediately blasted a flashlight to my eyes, "Do you know that riding without a headlight is illegal?"

At this point I didn't know what I was being pulled over for, truth be told while I knew that there were no cars coming in any direction, I have absolutely no idea what color the light was when I went through.

I replied to the query with a shrug of the shoulders, then looked down and realized that I had an unlit Knog on my bars. I turned it on and said sorry. They then asked if I had a state idea and I went for my wallet.

While they ran my info one of the officers told me that I didn't have brakes on my bike and asked if I rode downtown, to which I replied sometimes. I don't live or work downtown, but sometimes I ride there. "Cops downtown will give you a ticket for that."

They then handed me back my id after checking for warrants. I wanted to ask why they pulled me over, but any run in with a cop where I don't receive a ticket is rare, so I didn't want to blow it.

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KOPISH said...

The cops are enforcing lights because that one dude who got creamed by the snowplow didn't have lights on (and was riding the wrong way on a very busy street???)

I saw a thing on the news where the cops said they would be issuing "warnings" to cyclists without lights.