January 1, 2012

New Year's Day in Los Angeles

Since moving out here to Los Angeles, we really spend most of our time listening to Lute and Harpsichord music while enjoying pleasant fragrances (a crackerjack team of super sleuths in MPLS has determined that we'll get "soft" out here just by proxy) but we figured since it was 81 degrees without a cloud in the sky, we might as well ride our bikes. We decided to make a 35ish mile round trip out to Venice and back on our Summoners Of Blackened Vomits bikes - get some ocean and beach in our domepieces and eat some delicious food to make up for last nights errors in judgement. I can just assume that our loyal Westcoaster readers sometimes can't help but take this shit for granted, but I still pinch myself all the live long day that we could repeat a day like today everyday if we wanted to. Winter snow and frigid temps make us tougher and all that blah blah blah. Color me soft then.

laaustinroadtripvenice 166
laaustinroadtripvenice 167
laaustinroadtripvenice 168
laaustinroadtripvenice 172
laaustinroadtripvenice 171
laaustinroadtripvenice 173
laaustinroadtripvenice 175

It's fucking heaven out here.

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