January 18, 2012


This is probably better filed under Jeff's "cool story bro" category, but I've had a little too much rye whiskey and I'm feeling nostalgic (a sad, melancholic thing that happens occasionally after you turn 30).

Anyway, above my desk sits my favorite alleycat poster that I endlessly stare at while procrastinating (see below). A Quebecois gave this to me in 2005 (I think), after I towed him to 4th place in the race in the city after the CMWC in New York (yes, even I used to race a bike in cities with cars!).

He designed the poster and drew it by hand on thick stock paper. Now, I may just be partial to the amazing behind the back Dominque Wilkens style dragon slaying happening in this poster—but then again, this mien on this dragon is pretty kick ass. I mean, it isn't clear if this leaping cyclist actually kills this dragon or if he merely wounds him.

Then again, I could just be partial because it reminds me of the mural I grew up with that was painted on the labor center in Austin, Mn for the 1984 P-9 strike against Hormel ("Cram your Spam!"). The price of your cursed wealth, good god we have paid in full.

All that and "Abolish Apartheid." Minnesota, a progressive place.

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