January 22, 2012

Cliches Happen For A Reason

I'm sure you're as Yawny-McYawnington by these Shit People Say videos, but this one is relevant to me cause it's too well done. Thank you to whoever made this and immortalized all the reasons why I ride the bikes I do now, why I couldn't take roadie "culture" (I use the word culture very loosely) anymore, why one of the last shops I worked at drove me fucking mental, and why if you talk like this - even if you're a fucking pro, I can't take you seriously. It's also a reminder of why the cycling industry counts on this mindset to keep selling overpriced unsafe garbage to the riders who only want to get "faster" bikes without working to get faster themselves. There's a reason why your $1100 dollar PowerTap wheel gives you the same readings as your $15 dollar Bell Sports computer - the money spent didn't change anything. And no it's not the mechanics fault.


Faceman said...

I like this video for the same reasons. I'm guilty of it when I first started to ride. Now I know better. My cobbled together SoPo Bike Co-Op bike made of parts that are a decade or 2 old was as fast as bikes 20 times as expensive. Seriously, I only invested $50 into my bike. :)

Anonymous said...

i laughed my ass of at this. i have been wrenching for two years now and have been on bikes my whole life. the shit that comes out of the mouths of 45 year old men who make over $70,000 a year and have kids is staggering.

J.R. Hunter said...

I'm not a climber. Dont hate me!