June 27, 2010

Peacock Groove Project: Completion of Frameset and First Build

Way back on March 9th I ordered a Peacock Groove frameset from local frame builder Erik Noren. Yesterday everything was finally completed and I was able to start my build.

picking it up

The frameset had come back from paint on June 15th and I left for New York shortly after. While away Erik completed fabrication of the custom chainguard and prepped the frameset. There were a few other details and concerns that needed to be addressed. (I'd like you to know that Spectrum and PG will take care of the skull fiasco this winter. Although I will admit that it's not that huge of a deal)

After some dickering with the BB and such, I was able to complete the build today June 27th.
That means it took roughly three and a half months from order to completed bicycle. That's pretty damn good and Erik hit all the deadlines, 6 weeks for fabrication and then off to paint.

The greatest compliment I can give is that Erik delivered on all of his promises, I have a truly unique and custom bicycle that includes everything I was hoping for and a paint job that is fucking sick. This bike will never be confused for any other and I am a satisfied customer.

Here is my initial build. I use the phrasing "initial", because I'm using parts that I have lying around to complete the bike and then once I know my details, such as stem length and rise, I will order some matchy matchy hotness.


tires, bar tape, wheels, pedals, brakes, stem, and seatpost will all likely change in the coming weeks. When I get it all dialed in, you'll be the first to know.

short ride tonight to make sure there weren't any glaring issues, first real ride tomorrow.

Super stoked

Back From Paint
Paint Jobs
Frame Drawing
Fork and Dropouts
Bottom Bracket
The Clock Starts Ticking
Dropouts, Chainstays, Fork Crown
Part #1


nic said...

looks killer.

i see the nub for a top tube pump, is there a painted to match frame mounted pump in your future?

Jeff said...

nah, at the current moment I'm not much into framepumps, but I wanted it their for the future crumudgeon I'll be in 5 years.

Andrew said...

Amazing frame.

What wheels are you going to put on there? The A23s seem like a good training/all around riding wheel.

Jeff said...

I'm actually planning on getting another set of A23's with a higher spoke count to use as everyday wheels. The ones that are on there are crazy light, but I've been kicking the crap out of them on my cross bike for a number of months without issue so who knows. maybe I'll just ride em till their dead.

Manny said...

Nice shims on that front der.!