June 14, 2010

Ever seen one of these?: Bullseye Track Hub

Like many of you I was familiar with the Bullseye mtb and BMX hubs which were some of the first sealed bearing hubs available.

I recently spotted this on my coworkers desk
product samples 013
and thought to myself "holy shit, I never knew that existed."

So I borrowed it to show some of my fellow nerds and they had never seen one either. Thusly I figured that perhaps some of you out there were also unaware of this hubs existence so here are some pictures. Now I grant you that "Bullseye made a track hub, big deal" and I agree with your sentiments, however I'm still stoked to check out a piece of history, as I'm guessing that this is one of the first sealed bearing track hubs in manufacture.

product samples 014
product samples 015

product samples 016
check out those axle bolts, would you trust em? Me neither, not in a million years.


d*pow said...

my old OM Flyer had Bullseye hubs and cranks. Rad old stuff, but yeah I never really was too stoked about the axle bolts myself.

Anonymous said...

That is actually an American Classic Track hub.

Anonymous said...

That is actually an American Classic Hub and it is missing a few pieces.