June 23, 2010

New Bikes On The Horizon

While in NYC I was struck by the number and quality of the vintage geared road bikes on the streets of the city (this whole "while in NY" thing is going to be a common thread for the next week or so). It was striking because a Campy equipped roadie is just about the last bike I'd think of as a "city" bike.

I also spent some time hanging out with Kyle (of Tracko fame) and Hern, (MASH) who were both riding drop bar track bikes (well Kyle's was an FBM, but it's close enough). I'd like to add at this time that I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with both those dudes and am really hoping to be able to visit LA soon and check out what I hear is an amazing bike scene.

here's a video of Hern riding fixed and BMX which I'll include just because it's rad.

Bridging the Gap Vol.1 from Joseph Lobato on Vimeo.

Anyway, seeing the road bikes has inspired me to build up the Limongi frame I've been sitting on into a downtube shifter townie with a porteur rack and toe clips for bumming around.
You can't tell from this photo, obviously, but the Limongi has the sickest pink/purple fade paint job.

And riding with Hern and Kyle had me scheming to put drop bars on one of my track bikes again. Since discovering the advantages of flat bar fixed for city riding, I have not looked back. However there is something alluring and badass (in the way Burt Reynolds Pontiac in Smokey & the Bandit is unassailably badass) about a pure track bike ridden gracefully on the streets.
In skilled hands it's pure poetry.

Well, call it kismet, fate, or whatever. But as I was hanging around Bicycle Rev's in Philly (more on B-rev's and Bryan later, although since I know you'll read this, thanks so much to you, Heather, and the Philly dudes for the hospitatlity) a customer dropped by with some NOS Campy sherrif star hubs for Bryan to build

and of course I had to shoot them with a New Sheriff
I know their flanges look nicer, but ours aren't going to break (zing!)

And then the guy mentions that the Schwinn Madison on his rack is headed to a buddy's house to potentially be sold. Now as you may know, I'm a Schwinn guy. They were my first mountain bike sponsor and I've always loved the history and Americana that they represented (I'm still having a hard time dealing with what has happened to this storied mark). I've also always wanted an 80's Madison. I even went so far as to purchase a reissue a few years back.

Ever since seeing Quicksilver (which I could have sworn featured a Madison, but according to the internet, Kevin Bacon road a Raleigh) I have wanted one. So I says to the guy, "guy, if your buddy doesn't take this, let me know. I'll be here until tomorrow morning." A few hours later he calls back and it's on.

This is my new little lovely. I'm going to put some wider tires on it (tons of clearance) and am going to ride it drop bar. It's the new show pony.

'85 all original except saddle and chain

it's on it's way home now! can't freaking wait


mark$ter said...

RW24 bike. Yep.

fuzzy said...

wait till you find what I packed in yer seat tube, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

J.R. Hunter said...

Nice find Jeff, I still have my first bike...1972 Schwinn. Strigray style frame but like the times I changed it up to a BMX style in the late 70's!

dan cakes said...

so sick!

i had the same revelation recently, and the chance to pick up an early 80's bianchi track came along at the same time. so now i have my fbm/riser rig and a beautiful bianchi/campy/guipiemme build with drops.

gotta catch 'em all!