June 9, 2010

Chrome X Krooked

As you probably know, I'm a big Mark Gonzales fan (but then again, who isn't). So I was super stoked to get this email from Chrome this morning regarding a collaboration that they are working on with him.


here's their press release:

San Francisco-based Chrome, the world’s leading
manufacturer of bags for professional bike messengers, has teamed up with Krooked
Skateboards on a limited-edition line of Chrome’s “Citizen” bag that will feature artwork
by Krooked’s founder, legendary artist and skateboarder Mark Gonzales. The line will be
available exclusively at core skate and bike shops worldwide on July 1, 2010.
“Mark’s instantly recognizable artistic style has graced everything from skateboard decks
to works of art in boutiques and museums all over the world,” says Matt Sharkey,
Marketing Director for Chrome. “We are truly honored to have the rare opportunity to
work with such a legend and have his artwork on this line.”
The bag selected for the collaboration is Chrome’s best-selling “Citizen,” made popular
with both professional and recreational riders in urban bike environments. Special
features include: a metal seatbelt closure with one-handed adjustment & five bar seatbelt
webbing; a cross-chest stabilizer; integrated reflective webbing; asymmetrical padded
shoulder strap with accessories mounting point; a 1,050 denier nylon outer shell; and an
18 oz. weatherproof truck tarp liner. MSRP $140.

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