June 30, 2010

Screenprinting Mess Bag Rates

The other day a dude came over to have me screen a skull onto his mess bag
He also brought me a bottle of whiskey, which I have now adopted as my standard rate. If you would like me to screenprint something on something that you already own, I require a bottle of whiskey, Kentucky or Bourbon, as payment.


Richard said...

turned out great! i thought of exactly this a few weeks back, but i'm not about to ship my bag and a bottle of booze half way across the country <3.

actually, would you screen that onto a cycling cap i mailed you?

Jeff said...

nah, I make my own caps. And have a project coming up with Grovecraft.

Watch for the Grovecraft hats, they're going to be sick.

Chris said...

Thanks again Jeff, enjoy the whiskey

Jeff said...

who the hell am I kidding? for a bottle of booze I will totally print on your cycling cap.