June 26, 2010

YNOT Prototype Backpack

By now you probably already know that Toronto's favorite son Tom Mosher has a new company called YNOT. You also probably know that they're making foot retention straps that have been getting rave reviews all over the interwebs. What you may not know is that they have a number of other things in the works.


While I was in New York Tom and I got talking about backpacks as he was checking out my new Trash Bag. He then told me that he was sewing backpacks and had a proto with him. Before he showed the goods he was telling me that he had this ingenious idea for a bag, and that he couldn't believe that no one had thought of it before. Well needless to say I was skeptical. Everyone thinks that they're doing something unique and special and let's face it, most aren't. It's like your friend telling you how good his friend's band is. The last thing in the world I was expecting was to be blown away by his inventiveness. Then he dropped this on me.

YNOT Prototype Backpack
three fold out flaps, with a large flap in the bottom of the bag. Tons of room, almost limitless capacity

then you fold one of the outside flaps over the other

then the other, then you put the top flap, which is stitched to the middle piece, over the whole thing and bam, backpack.

Super rad. Congratulations Tom, you're on some next shit.


Trackosaurus said...

That thing was so sick!

Anonymous said...

So EVERY single time you want to carry different sized loads you have to completely unfold the whole bag, then lay all your stuff on the opened out fabric to make sure you've made it big enough, then refold it all over on top of the load again...potentially outside a store, in the rain.
It also means when the bag has the biggest, heaviest loads in it, it also has the least amount of velcro holding it together.
When the bag is set like in the picture you've also got lots of folds and edges inside for all your gear to catch against and get caught in.
I'm all for being trying new things, but there is a reason why compression straps were invented!

Jeff said...

The flaps are held together by buckles as well, not just velcro. I don't think this design is going to meet everyone's needs, but Tom sure did seem to be enjoying his backpack.

Tom Mosher said...

Thanks for the post and love!

I have completely redone this bag and the shapes and dimensions have all been tweaked a bit. The main difference is that the center 'bucket' is a lot deeper in most dimensions and several redundant layers have been removed.

And to "Anonymous" I assure you that you're making it sound way more complicated of a process than it has ever been. I keep it at the same 'setting' most the time and only when I've had to carry big boxes or a bike or something do I open it up and change the size and stuff.

Anyways, wait till you see the final version, it's a lot different! Also, we'll be making a boring old "normal" backpack next, which I fully understand is a lot more up a lot of peoples alleys.

YNOT! Bike Jerks!

gregoryyy said...

Hey there,wait just one minute...

I don't want ANYTHING normal up my alley.

Cool bag,cool idea.Peace

Dustin said...

im such a sucker for huge backpacks. and modular cargo space. any idea on msrp or release on this badboy? this trumps the hell out of the mission workshop bag.

as for anonymous, uh, i don't know about you but i always end up unloading and reloading things when a big ticket/awkwardly shaped/pointy item goes in, you gotta pack that shit right or it's just annoying as hell to ride with.

i wanna know the stupidest thing this bag has carried.

Tom Mosher said...

Here's a few quick pics of a "production" Cobra!


Anonymous said...

Ok. I know you guys think i'm just being a prick here but i'm just giving my opinion, exactly the same as you guys are. Looking at the new production version, what i see now is for all intents and purposes a regular backpack which uses two big flaps of fabric to do pretty much the same job as regular compression straps? sure the flaps have additional pockets on them, but you're limited as to what can be put in these, as certain objects/loads will impede the flaps ability to wrap around the main compartment if that also had a load in it.
The size of the side 'wings' is not much deeper than the depth of the centre 'bucket'...so if the centre bucket is at maximum capacity i assume they're not big enough to wrap right around the front and hold additional packages...at least not completely covered?
I'm not trying to slate what you're doing here Tom, i'm just trying to figure out what the benefits are seen as being between this and a more traditional backpack with compression straps?