June 22, 2010


Our dear friend Craiggles organized a Dudes Gone Wild Event up at his family cabin near Minocqua, Wi. He's a Spanish professor and has all summer to explore the hundreds of miles of gravel and put together sick routes. This was his chance to show some off. 7 of us made the trip from MPLS and MKE.
Along the way some sports drinks were gotten.
The scene outside the cabin.
Inside, some center command type shit.
vilas 010
We had a wide variety of bikes - including this CAPRICORN of Josh's and this beautiful 1986 PANASONIC Team of KOPISH's.
vilas 023

This guy and I decided to do this fixed -
That's The Boo. If you see him on the street, cross to the other side because he is a badass.

The terrain and days looked like this -
vilas 030
We needed those sports drinks let me tell you.
The evenings looked like this -
vilas 018
Except for the night we went to Vinchi's Supper Club and met Carol, but that's a whole other post.

All in all, The Boo and I rode 100 miles fixed. 44x16 and 44x15 respectively. 32mm tires. There was a section or two most of us had to walk due to 3 or 4 inches of sand, but for the most part, we held our own nicely with our choice of rides. I'm guessing there's a chapter in Bike Snob's book about blasphemes/total disregards but I don't care, I had a blast on that bike and it would be my first choice again next time. MKE Bruisers do everything right.

Every trip up north needs a breakfast at a local spot full of old people (you can trust that the portions are large and the price is reasonable - remember that).
vilas 040
Off road fixed touring. Next big thing.

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