June 27, 2010

Willis Johnsons' 1987 50th Anniversary Daccordi

I spent a couple night on Willis Johnsons' floor (you might remember Willis from Bootleg Sessions where he rides FDR skatepark in Philly, or various other film projects) and had the opportunity to take some photos of his very cool Daccordi 50th anniversary frameset, which is just one of many Daccordi's that he owns.

Daccordi 50th Anniversary

chrome rear end




check that neat panto in the fork "crown"

matching stem and the bars feature "computerized hi-tech heat treatement." Life lesson folks, if something is written in digital clock letters it must be both true and good.

If you get all hot and bother over this frameset Ben's Cycle has some NOS ones for sale in limited sizes.

Thanks for the floor space and hospitality Willis!

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jc luddite said...

where are the Delta brakes?