June 10, 2010

Ciocc Cross Bike

This lovely belongs to my man JVZ's wife.
The story is that it once belonged to a Chicago messenger friend of his who used it as a work bike for a number of years. It was then purchased by Jon for his wife who rode it for a few years and this past winter they decided to gussy up the old gal with a respray from Minneapolis' own Chris Kvale.

Jon informs me that his wife was riding this bike before they ever met. His remark "how could I not fall for a woman on a Ciocc cross bike?"

I don't know about you, but this is the first Ciocc cross bike I've ever seen. I've been drooling over it for a while wanting to take pictures of it, but Jon insisted I wait until the build.

Let's check it out shall we?

Nitto front rack

This is a cool detail that I've never noticed before: apparently all Ciocc's share the umlaut on the downtube.
*edited because I was wrong about the graphics, I thought they were all paint.

Campy seat binder, Nitto post. The top tube cable routing is internal, although I neglected to get a good shot of it.

check out that unique break bridge and cool old school hanger

Phil hubs, the pedals while not matchy matchy are a favorite of the rider




Chris Kvale said...

Hi, everyone--

The graphics on the Ciocc are really decals, not paint.

Chris Kvale

Anonymous said...

Chris beat me to it; decals indeed, but buried under enough clear coat to feel seamless. Beautiful.

One other correction - My wife had this bike when i met her, so i can't claim i bought it for her. But how could i not marry her once i saw her riding it?