June 4, 2010

Jack Taylor Time

Probably my favorite British framebuilding brothers. Just something about their style and attitude. The penultimate expression of what a "British Lightweight" is. Here are a couple of photos of ours - ours because it's too small for both of us but equally enjoyable to us both to fix a drink and stare at -
mkethurstaylor 004
mkethurstaylor 001
mkethurstaylor 002
My bike shop is in a really wealthy part of Milwaukee and a customer came in one day with the frame. Asked if anyone there wanted it because he was "sick of moving it around". Never built it up. A coworker snatched it up and then traded it to me for the cost of some new floor mats for his fancy hot rod car.
Here are some resources to learn a little more about the boys -

And Joel Metz's invaluable archive
And finally, if you really want a lesson -
Go to http://bulgier.net/pics/bike/
Click on Bike Video Clips
Go down 16 links
And download the Taylor Documentary. It's awesome.


J.R. Hunter said...

That is an awesome frame!

fuzzy said...

might fit me...

jc luddite said...

what size is it?

mark$ter said...

No dice fellas.