May 15, 2012

Camping at Levis


On Saturday we loaded up the entire contingent of the Bike Jerks wolfpack (Pembo, Ginger, Baroo, and Ellie) and took off for 24 hours of fun in the woods.


my Salsa Selma

 If you're not familiar, the Levis trail system is truly a treasure and until Cayuna came along, it was singular in the upper Midwest in that it has a very Western feeling. The trails are red in color, rocky and dry, with some spectacular vistas at the tops of the bluffs. As good as the riding is though, it's the camping that's the standout. It's not near any cities so the stars are fully visible, there's a good toilet and running water, and the vibes are always good. If you like mountain biking do yourself a favor and make it a point to check it out.

on top of one of the bluffs


Sidebar: All of the on trail photos were taken with my Iphone. After our house got robbed in March I decided that when I was able to buy a new phone I'd get the 4S since it has the upgraded camera (my old phone was a 4)and I was finding that it was really freaking handy to not have to carry my G12 in it's Pelican Case. This was the first attempt at really using a camera phone to document an important part of a trip. I'm fairly happy with the results, though in hindsight I would have liked to shoot some on trail with my trusty Canon.


thanks a bunch for the glass Dan, I'm putting it to good use





it didn't suck.


DMC said...


You can camp right there at the main lodge?
Can make a day trip from here but like the camp idea..

Jeff said...

Yeah, you just camp at the trailhead, it's $13 per night.

Anonymous said...

Camping at Levis, 100% chance of awesome!


Jeff said...

you should come do this.