May 22, 2012

One on One Swap Meet


On Sunday I headed down old One on One way to check out their annual swap meet.  I had originally planned on getting a table but it was a last minute thing and seemed to require way too much time and effort on a lovely Saturday better spent drinking and not working.

The One on One crew had rolled out somewhere around 100 bikes from the bowels of the basement, and their were a few others their with tables.  The schedule called for kegs and bands, but the beer was MIA leaving every person to fend for themselves and I left before the bands had gotten started. (I heard that the show was super fun)

Before I left, the messenger crew had made an end run around the barren desert of no beer and had popped for a case of 3.2.  Real last resort stuff.

For those of you who are lucky enough not have any idea of what I'm talking about (I certainly didn't before moving here*), in Minnesota one cannot purchase beer on Sundays or in grocery stores.  Well you can but the alcohol content of said beer is 3.2%.  All the normal cheap yellow brands are represented, it's just low octane fair and most just become comfortable with the fact that you can't buy beer on Sundays.  In any normal situation 3.2 is not an option out of principle, of course it's not that much lower content than standard yellow, but a person has to have standards.

*When I first moved here I was chilling with some dudes and I mentioned that I had bought some beer at a grocery store.  They kept telling me it was 3.2 beer and I was all what the fuck are you talking about it's Budweiser.  We don't have that weak shit in Wisconsin. 

So anyway, the swap happened and I grabbed some photos, missed the band, and had a bunch of fun and smiles.

Here are some photographs from the day.

you can see Markster making googly eyes in the reflection

This 56cm Ritchey Breakaway cross frame was, ATMO, the best deal at the swap.  It had a repair to one of the rack bosses, so likely it's been around and done some things, but was still in decent condition.  The price was $300, super reasonable for a collapsible travel frame.













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Ancient Arrakis Youth said...

I TOTALLY would have paid for that Ritchey HOLY HELL I wish you knew me...and got it for me since I lives in SoCal.