August 30, 2010

Two New Photo Galleries

Tonight I finally learned how to use Simple Viewer through Flickr, and put up two new galleries on the photography section of

Before tonight I only knew how to upload them directly to the website one file at a time, So I'm super stoked now to know how to do it on Flickr. (that's how awesome at the internet I am) I also updated the photo page to reflect these new editions.

The two new galleries

Bike Life Vol.4
(I know it's a very "ungh" and self indulgent title, but I've never been able to come up with a better name)


this one was actually shot by Kevvy, but I love it, so I'm including it. That was the only skid in Bootleg 3
(miss u skids)


Bike Life Vol. 4 Full Set

I am also proud to bring you our own Linda Sue Amundson's (remember this kid? That's her and the Don's progeny and he's a lifer from the cradle to the grave) portraits from this years ACC's.

ACC 5 Portraits




Full Set ACC 5 Portraits

If you get a chance I encourage you to check out both sets


shawn138 said...

so im not trying to be vain or any thing, but whats with some ppl getting two photos and mine not making the cut?

Jeff said...

I can't figure out why the simple viewer gallery is only showing 50 images ,there are 94 in the set on flickr.

It seems that my tags are correct, so I don't know what the deal is