August 21, 2010


As promised here are all the stops for this year's ACC. This is not the manifest, just the stops to help you all from out of town find your way around.

Hexagon Bar
2600 27th Ave S

Witch’s Hat Tower
Seymour Ave Se / Clarence Ave Se

Wirth Beach House 3374 Glenwood
Near Glenwood Ave / Wirth Pkwy

Liquor Lyles
2021 Hennepin Avenue

Jimmy’s 1828 4th St NE

Angry Catfish
4208 28th Avenue

500 Cedar Ave

Mac Kenzie
918 Hennepin

Under Hennepin Bridge / Merriam St
Nicollet Island

Trash Bags HQ
4th Floor Gardner Hardware
Use Backdoor
515 N Washington Ave

Minneapolis Rowing Club Docks
2968 West River Parkway
Lake St/ W River Pkwy
Go down cement path (manifest says "dirt path" but it is untrue)

Bryant Lake Bowl
810 W Lake St

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Petah said...

SO stoked!