August 4, 2010

All City Portraits 2008

Every year around this time as I'm messing around with race stuff I come across the aftermath of races past. Today I ran into our good friend (and new mom) Linda Sue Amundson's portraits of some of the racers at the 2008 edition of the race. I love them and am so glad they exist. If you've never indulged, follow the link to to the main Bike Jerks websites Photography section and check out the full album. They're totally sweet photos of people whom you may know.

here are some of my favorites:

Ben and Curly Bro (you better come up from Chicago for this one)

Jason Prudhomme (formerly of MKE and Philly, I think he's still here, haven't seen him in a grip)

Josh and Beff

Steff and Jake (Steff won second place overall at the first All City Championship way back in 2006. (there was no men's or women's division at the first ACC)

Me and B.Ridge (I'm the blurry one)

Landon. He won the first two All City's in dominating fashion although this was not to be his year. I've raced my fair share of races and I'll tell you this: dude is hands down the best router in Minneapolis. I'm hoping we see a Landon comeback for the 5th Anniversary, I know he's got the routes. Does he have the desire?

Gene. This is like the nicest picture of Gene ever.

See the whole gallery at this link
I'm really hoping I can get Linda to come back this year and do her photo thing but since she just had the kid it'll be a tall request.


coco said...

do you know who was taking portraits before the stupor bowl? or where those photos ended up?

Jeff said...

no idea who that was.

Sean said...

Working on finding a ride. It's the weekend after I move, so it's going to be a pain but I hope to be there. Watch out podium here I come.