August 21, 2010


Aaron's two speed kickback Dropout was stolen last night from his garage in South Minnie,
Please keep your eyes peeled and if the person you see on it is not 250 lbs of shaved headed fun. Kick their ass and get it back

shield 028

shield 032

shield 029

This is the only coaster brake Dropout known to exist

If you see it or grab it, please get a hold of me


Anonymous said...

Police report filed?

Anusonymous said...

Yup. Fuckers busted up my garage door something fierce.

Anonymous said...

Why do you ask??

Chris Graham said...

Custom whips have a tendency of showing up again. This bad lady will be seen soon. I just suffered my first bike theft and never thought I could be so upset about loosing a 'thing'. Eyes wide open.

Blaine said...

Huge bummer. I love your bike.

Lost my Karate Monkey to a theif on Saturday right outside Target Field. My first bike loss too...didn't realize how attached I was. Feel pretty violated.

They appear to be cleaning house around town.

james said...

didn't see an e-mail for you guys but I'm always keeping my eyes open for stolen bikes saw this on CL today I dont' know how many LE dropouts are around the cities but seems a little strange that this one would just pop up.

Anusonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, James.