August 25, 2010

Great Taste Of The Midwest

Sorry folks for being out of the loop for a smidge there, but I've been running around like a damn fool and I'm just starting to get caught up. Couple of weeks ago was the Great Taste Of The Midwest in Madison, WI. I went over with Boo and Patsy, Jacob, Luther, Dude Man, Russ, and Molly. Going with two brewmasters meant that we had access to all 1500 beers before the rest of the public for 2 hours. You can do some damage in 2 hours.

We "punched in" at 8:45. AM. Maybe the earliest ever for this guy. Here's Jacob and Dude Man workin' too.
greattaste 001

Jacob setting up the cooler shooter -
greattaste 003

Luther working the soaks -
greattaste 016

Pope of the King of Beer Leader -
greattaste 010

And one man defying the laws of physics only 1 hour in. How he stayed upright was beyond logic. He gave the rope the what for.
greattaste 013

Lots of folks and food and hazy memories.
greattaste 008
greattaste 009
greattaste 012
greattaste 011
greattaste 017

Too many great beers to remember. FOUNDER'S, TYRANENA, FITGER'S, BELL'S, DESTIHL, LAKE LOUIE, NEW HOLLAND, ALE ASYLUM, and GREAT LAKES come to mind though. I'll go to this every year hope to say.

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