August 10, 2010

ACC Trick Comp 2009

getting stoked for the trick comp in just over a week. Here's a look at last year's version which was just MPLS cats in the gov't center parking garage. This year we've got a whole skatepark and dudes are coming in from all over.

check out the bike setups and tricks, it's crazy how far things have come in only one year.

All City Trick Comp 2009 from BikeJerks on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, and remember this one. This was the vid that Burd saw and got us into doing Bootleg 3.

Bike Jerks Weekend from BikeJerks on Vimeo.


Sam said...

Man, Jesse is legit, even back then! Does he still ride?

Jeff said...

Fuck yeah, Jesse is coming out to the trick comp. He's going to blow some people away who haven't seen him ride. Imagine if he actually rode his fixie and like practiced tricks. He mostly just uses it for transportation.