August 20, 2010

ACC Trick Comp Results

The comp went off really well and some very sick tricks were thrown down, huge 3's, a 540 on the quarter, and Boothby threw down a truck driver. It was pretty amazing, and I'm super stoked to have had all these California boys make the trip to the Midwest. I don't have much for photos as I was busy organizing and running things, but other folks do and as they come out, you'll get to see what I mean.

Sponsored Riders

1 Jakob Santos (Uncle Daddy)
2 Josh Boothby
3 Wonka

Non Sponsored

1 Sean Coates
2 Vinnie Shim
3 Jake Hecker


I was also really impressed at how all the sponsored dudes were handling themselves, super pro, super chill and supportive of each other. All the guys here were great ambassadors for this "sport."

Thanks so much to everyone who came out, it was a phenomenal start to the weekend.

See you tonight

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