August 19, 2010

On The Eve of the ACC 5th Anniversary

In the run up to the ACC's every year, as I get caught up in the hassle and business of making this happen I often get very me centric and self absorbed. I was sitting in the basement tonight sorting prizes( there are a ton of prizes: 5 wheelsets, two custom mess bags, custom Holdfast's, etc. More than any other year, and for a while I was feeling like this would be a year with way too many events and not enough good prizes (thank you so much to all of our sponsors, I know that supporting any event is a sacrifice, and I thank you so much for feeling like the All City Champs is worthy of your time, effort, and dollars)) and I got to thinking about my hopes for the the weekend and what the point of it really is. Which is this time, this place, and all of us together for the next four days. I am eagerly awaiting one of the best weekends of my life, and I hope you are as well.

Can't wait to see you all there. Thank you to my hometown peeps and thank you so much to the out of towners who are coming, for the first time ever the ACC is having a national draw.

I also need to mention the folks who have made this year much much easier: Emily (third year as volunteer coordinator. It's a big job and she's great at it), Bjorn for the amazing handbills and posters, Stu for hooking up spokecards (cutting and laminating spoke cards is pretty much the shittiest race job there is), Zach, Rox Box, and all the race volunteers.

It's all city weekend and everybody's celebratin'

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