August 1, 2010

RW24 2010

Another ridiculously good time. Lots of competition this year including 4 or more hours of good solid rain made for a dig-deep sort of thing that stirs up the kind of drive and support from others that won't soon be forgotten. I am so proud of my neighborhood.

The Chicago Cuttin' Crew arrived in style with a definite plan for victory. They pulled it off very politely, like being told you ahead of time that you're going to be punched in the sack and also told you could even say "when". Some super nice folks.
rw24thurs 002

Our strategy was to transform Jeff from his normal ultra-dynamix self into Captain One-sie once again. We also got the same spot for The Carmel Starship to serve as base command.
rw24thurs 009

Our team was the same this year with the addition of SERPI-KOPISH (center adapting his hands to fit any shape) and our own and better Hart To Hart style Max - HOUSEPIG - (behind). Of course GHOSTFACE BOO was there. And here's Jacob showing off his new bonus-lap haircut.
rw24thurs 011

Also in attendance all the way from SF was Mr. Robert Collins. He owned Checkpoint 2 for 24 hours straight and was loved and honored post race for it. Who knows how many hundreds of shots he handed out. At least as many as he had himself. How does he do it.
rw24thurs 014
rw24thurs 015

Besides during the rain, people were flying around the 5 mile course. We were chilling out in the van between laps when the rain hit and thought about just waiting a little bit for it to relent. One by one we each fell asleep. Many hours later when the sun came up, we realized "contention" would be left to drinking. We still went out and rode fast laps getting a total of 69 in, but a podium place will have to wait. My guess is that the race is just going to get harder and harder every year which is awesome and not awesome.

Here's Peter from COG -
rw24thurs 019

And BOO after his traditional GIANT KILLER last lap.
rw24thurs 032

Even my lovely Erin raced this year and rode super well. She's already talking next year, which is exactly what this race does to you.
rw24thurs 001

Ryan Santoski here rode solo for a total of 98 laps including bonuses on a single speed. I had the privilege of riding with him for a lap or two and he shall now be know as LORD FLYWHEEL. Shit man.
rw24thurs 031

Cricket Vega here rode 70 laps fixed including bonuses for the win. Another truly unstoppable Cuttin' Crew Team force. Again, very polite.
rw24thurs 030

Post race jubilation -
rw24thurs 033
rw24thurs 034

After the ceremony we all took in some needed hydration until we couldn't take it anymore. Doing sports requires this.
rw24thurs 036
rw24thurs 038
rw24thurs 037
rw24thurs 006

The next morning, Robert got up early to perform a wedding ceremony. Like you even wondered if he was ordained. He can do any goddamn thing he wants.
rw24thurs 008

You can check out the race results here if you knew anyone else that was in town.

I love you Riverwest. Thanks to everyone who organized, volunteered, and of course rode many many miles in honor of the world's best neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Fuck this. I'm moving back. Stupid Denmark and all their cute little bike lanes.

RW24 2011 Milwaukee Jerkin' Crew

Jeff said...

If only you could smell the inside of that damn bus...

Pretty awesome write up and photos. Love the debit card.

Rob fuckin' rules.

Anonymous said...

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