August 5, 2010

Favorite Bike Parts: Plastic Rim Strips

It may seem odd for a lowly rim strip to capture a bro's heart but I gotta tell you, plastic rim strips are the bomb shit. So much, better in my opinion, than their traditional cloth counterparts.

(I just wiggle my toes on the mink rug, press play on remote at the players club)



Because they're reusable like a billion times and stay in place like whoa.

I'm always scrounging around for rim strips and it's a pain in the ass to pull off an adhesive cloth rim strip and then try to reuse it (they always shrink). With these it's no muss, no fuss. Pretty much an infinite life span.

My favorites are the Deda or Vittoria ones. And no I'm not talking about some of those goofy ass plastic tubeless mtb stuff, just the ones that are designed to do the same job as the Velox's.


Tgnar612 said...

Until they get old, curl inward and pop tube after tube...

Jeff said...

that one pictured has been ridden for 5 years with no aging at all.

how long did yours last and under what conditions?

Tgnar612 said...

Maybe 3 years? some year round riding but mostly xc. I will give you that the nicer Deda an Vitoria (especially) will likely fair better than other cheaper shits.