August 16, 2010

All City Championship Updates: Read this if you're coming

So we're down to two days left before the bike party of the century officially kicks off. Here are some things you should know about the weekend.

  • Bring lights, not "be seen" lights, but lights that will actually help you avoid stuff you'd want to avoid.  This is especially important if you're going to the lake after the trick comp
  • To clear up any confusion that may exist, events are open to any kind of bicycle with the exception of the fixed gear trick comp
  • Treat the volunteers with respect,  you give them guff, you're ass gets thrown out of the race
Thursday - FGFS Trick Comp @ Overpass Skatepark 6-9pm   meet at One on One at 4:30 for group ride over
  • Speaking of the Trick Comp, the skatepark fee of $400 was paid for by All-City Cycles, so big thanks to the bosses there.  Not having to come up with that kind of loot or charge the contestants a big fee is a huge weight off my shoulders
  • The Trick Comp requires a helmet and a signed waiver
  • In event of rain the comp will be moved to the indoor park in Golden Valley and will start at 9pm
  • I was over there tonight and holy shit are those ramps big, you better bring your A game
  • Bring beer with you to the comp, but do not drink at the park.  We'll drink later at the lake
  • If it's too cold for swimming we will just ride around and drink beer, then probably go to some bars in NE
  • Pizza Luce Hopkins is about a three minute ride from the Park so we will also likely grab some food there after
Friday - Match Sprints and Trackstand Warehouse District 4th St N/ 6th Ave N 9pm
 Afterparty at Bedlam
  • BYOB
  • Pickup after yourself, if you bring beer plan on taking home your empties, grow the fuck up and take responsibility for yourself already
  • Due to past crashes if you seem drunk you will be DQ'd
  • If it rains heavily the races will be canceled but the afterparty at Bedlam will take place rain or shine.  $3 PBR Tallboys
Saturday - Alleycat  Meet at One on One at 5pm , Race at 6pm, Manifests at 6:30
  • The manifest is complete and I've gone way easy on you this year, expect mileage in the low twenties if you do it right
  • There will be a Crosstown Hustle which is a one way sprint across town with your manifest sealed in an envelope.  You must present the sealed manifest to the person at the finish.  This means you cannot do any other stops during the Crosstown.  If you do not know the finish address by heart, write it on the envelope before your manifest gets sealed.  
  • There will be four picks and drops.  If you are picking and dropping at the same time it is up to you to let the volunteer know this and make sure you have the proper stamps
  • Picks must be done in order, drops can be done in any order
  • Race ends at 9pm at One on One, turn your manifest in by 9pm or be DQ'd
  • I will post the stops up on the blog at noon on race day
Now that we've taken care of that business, let me just say that I am looking forward to one of the best weekends of my life.  I can't wait to see all of your shining faces there.

More prizes continue to pile up:

Handspun built three wheelsets, Velocity donated four pairs of rims, AC donated three pairs of hubs.  This is what we've turned out so far, with one more wheelset coming
The Chukker's laced to Sheriff's are for the trick comp, the B43's are for out of town, the white jobbers are for first Women's. *First men's wins a Leader frameset, both out of town men's and women's will get wheelsets

I got another package from Milwaukee Bicycle Co, with a bunch of grips and this fork
That's the second package from them. Big thanks to Drew and all the guys

Jeff from Monkey Likes Shiny sent over some of his 15mm socket U-lock deals..
Turns your u-lock into a 15mm

And Chuck from Behind Bars kicked in a wheelset too
Thanks a bunch

have you had enough? Cause I can do this all day.

More updates to come.

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meet at 5, race at 6, manifests at 630? What?