August 17, 2010

Grovecraft X Bike Jerks Hats

I've been super slacking on hats lately and made them inorderable on the website a few months back. I have still been doing some for folks who contact me via email but for the most part the Bike Jerks hats have been on hiatus.

Because of the demand for hats we are once again partnering with local sewstress Holly Magner of Grovecraft to create a run of 20 unique handmade cycling caps to fill the void and make pretty your heads.

I did the printing this weekend

and she will hopefully have them done in time for the All City Championships. The price will be $25 per hat.

Last time we did a run was two years ago and they turned out something like this:

Super stoked to once again partner with a local badass and bring these hats to you.

If you want one hit me up when you see me around, I will also have shirts and other stuff with me to sell as well as a merch table at the alleycat.

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