March 29, 2012

Cool Story Bro

The Tarp Story


After last week's Cool Story Bro, B. reminded me of another incident.

So me and Tony were eating breakfast at Liquor Lyle's in Uptown, this was a few years back now, and I was enjoying my green eggs and ham and my eyes were wandering around as they often do, because I'm a creep.

Mid meal I catch eyes with a girl sitting at the bar. Thinking nothing of it, I continue eating. I was just finishing the toast when she gets up to leave and instead of heading out the door, circles back to our booth.

She sits and before I can get a word out says,
"Hi, my name's (?). I live right behind the bar. Come over when you're done. Bring a tarp."
And walks out.



Luke said...

Brian said...

Dude, so what happened? You guys play 'fort'?

Jeff said...

Nah, I got a good thing at home so I passed.

no adventures for me.

Brian said...

Good call. Sometimes there's too much 'fishiness' surrounding ladies like that...if you catch my drift.


One of these days you'll have to tell the story of the bet I won with you at the C.C. Club on St. Patty's Day several years ago.