March 26, 2012

Bandit Cross 8 March 25th Photos

Despite a late minute change of venue, 9 racers and a whole lot more spectators showed up for Sunday's race at Hidden Beach on Cedar Lake.

I have been wanting to throw a race there for some time, but since it's a high traffic area with lots of police surveillance it is the diciest course yet in terms of potential for hassle.

Every thing was going smooth during course work, but on our scout lap this old lady in the woods near the bridge started yelling at us. We did our best to divert the course around her area and you could: a. tell that she was used to seeing tons of bikers bandit mtb'ing b. was used to yelling at bikers c. got humored often

We also found out later that she was on the board of the park.
Now this sort of thing is exaclty the type of doomsday scenario for Bandit Cross that I want to avoid at all costs. So we divert the course around her since she's in the back part of the woods by the bridge and there are plenty of cutoff trails.

The race runs smoothly inspite of a few groups of walkers and dog owners.

(here's where we turn it around)
One of the racers stopped to chat with her during the race and she asked them for help in moving a log. We quickly formed like Voltron and rolled 6 deep to her aid. We pulled a bunch of stumps out of the woods and helped her move like a 25 foot log.
We did it like it was nothing.

While performing these Herculean tasks (next she asked us to clean the stables of Augeus), Spanish came by on her last lap and the lady got bummed. But then we all clapped and cheered, and she realized that Spanish was with us and that this motley bunch of do-gooders were the very same bikers she was earlier bummed on. And she got quiet and we all slinked away.

We also did a bunch of trail maintenance, including removing several large blocking logs, and carried out a bunch of trash from the woods.

We killed it.

A kid named Max won.

Here are some pictures.

Mathew putting in work with the reciprocating saw







SK, think he ain't?

camp vibes

Check out the rest of the photos here

You should have been there.


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Heaping helpings of help with the trail maintenance is the golden ticket.

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