March 20, 2012

Cool Story Bro


So we we're at Smogcutter on Thursday night after the GSC party and this girl comes up to our group with her Polaroid camera and asks if she can take our picture, to which we agree of course. She shoots and then scurries off with the photo.

She comes back quickly and hands the still developing photo to Kyle, and runs off. 5 minutes later she comes up to me and goes "I like your buffalo plaid" and begins to chat me up. Where am I from, what am I doing in town, etc. I was half finished with my cocktail and she asks if she can buy me a drink, of course she can. I hand my half empty off to the drinkless guy to my left and wait for a freshie.

She has no problem getting service at the bar and hands me a tall Jack and Coke and then vanishes again. I pick up that she wants me to follow over to her group of friends but instead I resume talking to my homies.

Another 5 minutes passes and she comes back. "YOU GAY?" she asks with a sassy spin of the head. I reply that in fact I am not gay, to which she responds "You got a girlfiend?" To which I of course let her know that in fact I do have a girlfriend.

She then looks me up and down like a restaurant menu, puts her hands on her hips and lets loose with "Too bad, I needed some DICK tonight!" and once more saunters off.



Cort said...



This story would be interesting if there were a picture of the girl instead of three dudes.

Lt Greggles said...

more relevant pics or it didn't happen.

Jeff said...

the polaroid is awesome.

rdrey said...


I fully approve of all Cool Story Bro posts. They always deliver.