February 1, 2012

Trash Bags Stupor Bowl Speed Race Champ Bag.


All I've got to say is that Andy knocked it out of the park on this one. Holy shit is this amazing.

Hopefully I'll be in the running to win this bad boy.


Anonymous said...

looks awesome! tell andy i say hello and take care of brad :)


Anonymous said...

Stupor bowl needs to get back to its roots. $15 is too much for registration. Especially for those of us not lucky enough to make much (mechanics, messengers, etc.) If its overhead that the registration money is covering maybe its time to cull the brand names tied to the event.

Jeff said...

A with any event, there is a ton of work and costs associated with it. First of all you get a great race, two great parties, and a t-shirt.

Secondly, I believe the MBMA uses the funds from Stupor Bowl to finance their other costs associated with running the organization.

And thirdly, if you've ever organized a race, you know how much blood sweat and tears go into it. I hope that everyone who throws a race walks away with money in their pocket.

And fourthly, the sponsors, AC included don't cost overhead, we donate to the event to help them out.