February 26, 2012

Get Well Pembo


Yesterday while we were hiking in the woods, Pembo incurred a huge laceration on his stomach. We had to rush him to the hospital where he had to have surgery.

Pembo was the first dog in the Bike Jerks wolfpack. From all of us to him and Josh, heal up buddy. We're pulling for you.

I also plan on trying to arrange some sort of benefit for Josh, as the surgery was an expensive and unplanned expense. If you've got space and wouldn't mind hosting a keg for the little fella, please let me know.


KOPISH said...

Dog Shank Epidemic! Good well Pembo. We need you peeing in Craig's lap again soon.

Karate Chop said...

perhaps a secret cafe could be hosted for the lil guy?!

Anonymous said...

like double secret probation?