February 23, 2012

Trash Bags Garbage Lid Winter Hat

Andy continues to diversify his line of handmade goods with his newest edition, the Garbage Lid winter hat


Custom Garbage Lid - $36.00

A winter biking bomber hat with the warmth to keep you riding from 20 F to -20 F, no prob.


-Cordura outer & Polartec Windstop liner gives you durability, water resistance, windproofness, and most importantly warmth and comfort in bitterly cold conditions.

-Strap down tight side flaps, cut with the need for lateral visability in mind

-Nearly as thin as a traditional cycling cap -- fits underneath all helmets with ease and comfort.

-Available in one color for $36, or with a second color striped in the center of the hat for $40.

-Hand made to order in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

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