August 6, 2010

ACC Race Page & Schedule Is Up

Finally got around to doing the race page for the event. It's got a full schedule of events and some additional details. You can find it here or link to if off of the main page on the Bike Jerks site. I know the design is pretty lackluster, but it's late and I'm tired. I'll try to get around to cleaning it up soon.

Here is the final poster

A few details that you may be interested in:

The prize categories for the Trick Comp will be 1st through 3rd in two classes: non sponsored and sponsored riders.
There will also be a ladies category if any lady tricksters show up.

Because giving swag to sponsored riders is kind of dicey, my plan is to hookup the non sponsored dudes with product and to charge all riders a $5 skatepark fee which will be used for the sponsored rider cash purse. Remember we're all there to have fun, prizes are just incidental.

The prize categories for Match Sprints will be First Men's and First Ladies

Categories for the Alleycat will be:
1-3 Men's and Women's
Out of Town Men's and Women's
Masters (35+) Men's and Women's

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