December 30, 2011

Winter Bike: Def Wish


I like to have an around town bike in the winter that doesn't use clip less pedals, and the past few year's that's been my Def Wish. Because I'm not tricking on it, this year I threw some fat mountain tires on it and have been really enjoying riding it around.

It still rolls plenty fast, and I feel like I can crush anything in my path. I'm still hoping that people who have no interest in tricks realize how rad they can be as all arounders (at least the neg bb ones).



still rocking the Ben's limited edition Holdfasts



Atomicbarber said...

Rad bike for sure. Probably exactly what I'm looking for. What size do you ride and how tall are you?

Gold said...

Ever since I got my Dropout for work at Breakaway I've been sold on the long toptube, steep angles, fatty clearance for a work bike as well as an all weather commuter. FSfixed bikes are way more versatile than folks realize.

Jeff said...

mine's a medium. I'm 5'11'' or so.

Atomicbarber said...

I'm 6"2'. Would I do better on a large if I was using it for the same purposes as you guys? No tricking.

Jeff said...

yeah, I'd go large.