December 2, 2011

Favorite Things: Swrve Water/Wind Resistant Pant

So the other day I was killing some time at Behind Bars and bought myself a pair of Swrves WWR pants. Now I've always hated "urban" bicycle apparel, it has always seemed to me to be the domain of wannabes and try hards. I'll stick to my Dickies and jeans, and all that kind of thing. (I also can't stand that so many of these companies try to outdo one another with the clever reflective detailing. I don't want reflective shit on my clothes, I want to look like a normal person that's why I'm buying clothes that aren't lycra)

The only other piece of this ilk that I own is a hooded Cadence sweatshirt (which is totally nice), that I read about on Prolly and bought. I can't bring myself to wear it though because of the fact that I read about it on Prolly and went out and bought it.
Totally makes me feel like a twat.

I have no real rationale for why this phobia developed, but I think it has something to do with seeing every chach-ball in the universe strolling around in Chrome knickers thinking he was king shit. Your short pants are terrible guy, all short pants are terrible. Functional yes, but still very terrible.

a link to my article on diy knickers

But I had to admit that these pants looked pretty good. They have a nice fitting slim cut, and basically just looked like normal pants so I picked them up. In the short week I've owned them I have not taken them off. They're way warmer than jeans (duh) are ,as the name implies, water resistant, and super comfortable on and off the bike.

This past Friday I embarked on an epic vision quest down by the river and snapped these photos of the pants with the intent of doing a post.
(I know these photos are terrible, it's the best I could do in my condition)


jesus christ, look at my eyes and expression, it was full on

The Swrve wwr Trouser

one shoe

articulated knees are a nice touch

No one has said shit to me about my pants since I started wearing them, which for me is the point. I just want things that look like regular clothes. Although they do have a reflective accent on one of the belt loops that I think is stupid, the rest of the pant is just tip top.

If you're in the market, I can't recommend them enough, and I just might finally have gotten over it enough to start using that nice Cadence hoodie.


agleck7 said...

You think they'll be warm enough for the dead of winter w/ some longjohns underneath?

Jeff said...

I rode them in this morning, it was 14 degrees, with a pair of thin wool tights underneath and was toasty warm.

bikefatsmpls said...

i was actually just looking for a good review of those jeans.

mark$ter said...

Whats up with the one shoe Jeff.

violetville said...

Look at the original size of the image from this post. *What* - haha