April 14, 2010

Late 90's Schwinn Stoner Humor

In the early 90's Schwinn was sold and subsequently relocated from Chicago to Colorado. The late 90's saw the introduction of Schwinn's somewhat legendary Homegrown line of mountain bikes. The bikes were "homegrown" in that these higher end models were all built stateside. At the top of the Homegrown line was the Homegrown Factory, which was built at the Yeti factory. (when Yeti was still awesome and basking in the fading light of the Tomac and Giove era)

During the late 90's I had a Schwinn sponsorship (I was a real strong "sport" class mountain bike racer, but a very midpack "expert") and here is some parephernalia (zing) from that fun loving and decidely Colorado inflected period of Schwinn's history.

Moab Water Bottle
Nothing too funny at a distance

But let's look closer
(Moab was the line of bikes under the Homegrowns)

Homegrown Saddle

Homegrown Tin Sign

And this is my pride and joy. My 98 Homegrown Factory. For 6 years this was the bike I rode everyday, the commuter, the trials bike, the dirt jumper, and of course the race bike. Although I'm now way into 29'ers this bike has more sentimental value than any other in my collection. Every scratch has a story and it's saved my ass plenty of times. I love this thing.


Unknown said...

My first bike shop bike was a Schwinn Predator. It really brings a tear to my eye to see the absolute GARBAGE that comes through my shop's doors with that name on the downtube.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I really dig the pics. Thanks for sharing. Later

Jeff said...

I feel you. It hurts sometimes.

d*pow said...

I was always a big fan of the bass boat blue they did on the Homegrown.


Chris said...

I curse the day I sold my 99 Homegrown with Bass Boat Green. I loved that bike.

Anonymous said...

I raced for fortlewis college and loved my bass boat green 97 full suspension homegrown.