April 17, 2009

The Errand Rack by Capricorn Bicycles

I know I spend a lot of time shilling for my friends, but one thing that I am firmly committed to is shining a light (in as much as it is in my power to do so) upon the Minneapolis cycling community. It is sort of hardwired in the midwestern DNA that what happens on the coasts or in the larger cities is intrinsically more important, cooler, or better (however you quantify such things) than what goes on here. (It's also in our DNA to be both defensive and apologetic)
Now believe me, I am as uncomfortable typing that as you are reading it. I am a born and bred Wisconsin boy. I hail from a small town way up north. I wear my midwestern heart on my flannel (not the trendy kind (yeah I'm looking at you hipster), but the kind your grandpa wore from November to April every winter) sleeve. When I lived for a season in Tahoe, I learned that the ski hill that took me on liked to hire midwestern kids because we have a reputation for hardwork and actually showing up (very important in a stoner ski town). Upon hearing this I was filled with a very peculiar kind of pride. The same kind of pride that strikes when cyclists in much milder climates complain about the weather. Or if you like another analogy: the same kind of pride a San Franciscan feels when people from other cities bitch about hills or Seattle folks feel when people complain about rain.

Because of this born sense of modesty, people in the midwest don't get that psyched on what other folks (like framebuilders) are doing. Sure it's cool and all but those other framebuilders in other cities must be sweeter. There are guys in Minneapolis waiting years for a Vanilla, when Peacock Groove is right down the street. I mean c'mon.

Now I'm sure that there are people reading this who's asses probably clenched up tight enough to make diamonds as they read that.
He's comparing Peacock Groove to Vanilla. How dare he?
Well I dare. I dare.
My homeboy Erik is the weirdest most talented little freak I've ever had the pleasure of spilling a drink on.

Anyway, the point is that midwestern folks tend not to talk up or blow up or get excited about what's happening here. And if we do, we don't share that opinion with others because that would be too much like bragging. Since other folks aren't shouting it from the rooftops I hope you'll indulge me (and my generalizations) by allowing me the honor of doing it from time to time.

Sorry to be wordy, but I've had a few to drink and something today got me thinking about the anonymity of Minneapolis' artisans. That event occurred when I ran into Tyler and spied his Capricorn Errand rack. I had only seen photos of it, never in person.

Look at that thing. It's freaking gorgeous, perfectly compliments his bicycle, and I bet few of you out there knew that Brad would be happy to make you one.

that mount is so clean and clever
handwritten message

Bradley, I love ya. Keep making beautiful things

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