September 16, 2009

Interbike Events

As you well may know Interbike (the U.S. bike industry's big tradeshow) is next week, and both I and the Robeast Trevor Crayton will be there. If you go make sure to stop by the AC booth and say hello. We'll both have our bikes and will be out riding everynight if you want to ride. The best part of Interbike for me is always getting out and riding with new people.

There are also a couple of races going on that week and I'm stoked to check them out. I just realized that by bringing my Dropout instead of the Big Block my race chances are pretty much gone, but Trevor will be doing his thing and should be one to watch in both events.


looking forward to seeing you there


mark$ter said...

You can't drag race a Dropout? Pretend you're covered in High Life and Tofu and I'm chasing you.

Jeff said...

Oh I be racing, just not expecting too much.

I was thinking that there should be a fakie crit.

crit racing riding backwards