September 13, 2012


Since we had so much fun DJ'ing the All City Championship party, I'm planning on going all out for Track or Treat this year.  I'm thinking a 4 race fall fixed series with ToT being the capper and having a gigantic ass party with smoke machines, bigger speakers, strobes, and horror flicks on October 26th.

Because of this plan I need to build a new setlist, so my shit stays fresh.
Here are a few albums I picked up for just such an occasion: Queen Hot Space (Under Pressure), Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby 12", Salt N Pepa Shoop 12", Kool and the Gang Light of Worlds (Summer Madness), Phil Collins Face Value (In the Air Tonight)


reverend dick said...

You need to look deeply into the Zapp&Roger archives and quit fucking around.

Anonymous said...

alright, I'll cross "Summer Madness" off my list.

video editing will commence shortly. let me know if you have any requests.

- housepig

Jeff said...

Summer Madness is perhaps too long in the lp version. It's yours!

Anonymous said...

as long as I get "Bark At The Moon" and "Somebody's Watching Me", I'm good.

- housepig