October 7, 2009


while taking the photos for that last post about the Freeman straps I took the opportunity to shoot some more pics of my beloved Capricorn. You can check out the photo set here: Capricorn on Bike Jerks Flickr

sorry if this comes off as me going down on myself, but seriously, I love this thing and am so proud that my friend Brad was the person who built it. It's a special bike for me and one I hope to grow old with. Big ups to my homie.


here's the story behind the bike: This is one of Capricorn's early bikes. Brad Wilson the man behind Capricorn and I were once coworkers at a local shop, and when he started Capricorn it was the opportunity I needed to finally have the bike of my dreams built. As Brad was just starting out and getting established and we were friends I was able to talk him into all sorts of stuff that he doesn't normally do. (Brad's personal aesthetic is more utilitarian than flash) He added two stainless hearts on the top tube, one on the drive side dropout, stainless C's on the crown, and stainless caps on the seat stays (the first time he had ever done that style of seatstay end I believe). I've always kind of felt that because this bike is so different from most of his work (more ornate) that it is the prodigal son of the Capricorn family.

as it was 2007 and color matching parts were the shit, I figured that if I was going to play that game I was going to play to win.
I had the rims, stem, bars, pedal cages (not shown), bottle cage (not shown), seatpost flutes, and crankset flutes done as well.

gold 144bcd Campy BMX ring, Campy Record Crankset 170mm. you can see in the detail shot that the powdercoat job wasn't the most amazing, but this ain't no show pony, it gets beat up, so no bother.

MKS chain tensioners, gold Phil's


Laprade post, NOS Brooks Professional that I chopped (poorly), polished, and punched a bunch of holes in to get that old school racer look




Salsa Cromoto stem, Easton bars


for the first couple year's the frame was bare, but this summer we added the headtube decal



Anonymous said...

Such an awesome bike! I bet it's a dream to ride.

Anonymous said...

sweet bike!

Brad said...

I remember giving this bike looks when I was briefly in your living room this past summer.

Anonymous said...

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