June 10, 2009

First Handrail Ever on a Fixed Gear?

Prolly called it out and Minneapolis delivers
Fixed Gear History Made Tonight

Tonight at Tricks and Drinks Andy got the boys riled up about handrails, and both Jesse Hilliard and Mike Carney delivered. And it wasn't just some weak gimme rail, five stairs is legit.

Jesse hit it first, after bending back his crushed fork by banging it headfirst into a wall. (Everytime we go riding Jesse breaks his fork. If you have BLSV3, during the shot where he lands fakie after grinding the loading dock his fork bends on impact. Look for it, it's fairly awesome)
Check his tire planted firmly on the rail

And my man who's been getting mad press lately, and can be seen in the new All-City add in Cog, Mike Carney pulled it on the very next attempt

Both Andy and Brad from Urban Velo were also there, so keep an I out for some much better photos very shortly. No video.

Congrats to both of the riders, MPLS is proud of you.
Midwest coming up!


EVIL LIVE said...

Video please!

Anonymous said...

learn to read please!

Anonymous said...

why is called tricks and drinks no one ever drinks it should be called tricks

Jeff said...

We used to drink more. this year though since, moving to the gov center garage, the opportunities for drinking are much slimmer.

leeroy said...

that is not the first ever handrail to be done on a fixed gear bike.

if i remember, i'll come back and post the evidence