December 14, 2009

Sneak Peak Bike Jerks Winter Line

new designs coming soon. I've been really slacking on the Bike Jerks as actual entity, not just blog, front and have been getting excited about screenprinting again. This is the first of the new designs and it was designed by our friend Brad D. (Yum-Yums) from Milwaukee. I don't know much about Brad but I know that he keeps his house very cold and I once witnessed him click off 255 miles on flat pedals fixed during the 24hours of Riverwest all the while wearing a long sleeve shirt and hat in the summer heat, because he's a metal dude and didn't want to get too much sun.

This is the lettering. I'll make the screen for the rest of the shirt later. (sorry to print it on white Brad, it's just a tester, from now on it'll be nothing but black)
I'm super excited about it.

also watch out for the Bike Jerks lookbook (classy right) coming sometime after I get the new designs ready

(I don't know if drunk and very stupid is technically a "look," but I'll do some research and let you know)