August 5, 2008

Lake Street Death Race 8/8

Lake Street Death Race!!! Be at the Walker Library (Lagoon and Hennepin) at precisely 6:35 PM. Entry is $5. Winner takes all.

It's a straight shot from Uptown to St. Paul via Lake Street.

I plan on racing and filming via helmet cam for a Bike Jerks video or possible Bicycle Film Fest entry for next year. I'd really like to see some Minneapolis representation at the festival and this race fits the bill. It's a perfect race to film as all the riders will likely be somewhat bunched and there are no turns. There is also likely going to be lots of starts and stops which always makes for good video as other racers fly by and vice versa.

Here's what I need:

If you have a helmet cam, show up wearing it. If you don't, borrow one. The more cameras the more likely we are of getting some real quality footage.

Show the fuck up and race, the more people riding the better. Obviously I encourage everyone to ride within their limits and not risk their lives for this stupid shit but the more people riding the likelihood of catching something special increases.

You show up and race, I'll do my best to make you famous.


Also for those of you who missed Southside Suicide last weekend, it was a blast. Thanks again to Leif for putting it on.
I successfully defended my title and pushed my unbeaten streak in drinking races to three. Woot!

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