January 26, 2011

Winter Essentials: Whiskey Ginger

It's no secret that I like booze. Whiskey in particular. More specifically bourbon or Kentucky whiskey. It's also a well worn mid-western tradition (as we've discussed in the past) to ride out the winter by spending mucho time with your music collection and alcohol.
what you can't see is the fresh lime juice I squeezed into it. that's key

I had been a whiskey-coke man for years upon years (side note winter is also a very good time for brandy. That's the 'Sconnie in my blood) and continue to this very day to enjoy the beverage very much. Over the last few years though my drinking habits have begun to change a bit, culminating with what I imagine will be a permanent change in my mixer of choice (when mixing).

I used to get a pint glass, add ice and dump in whiskey until it looked about right. Then I would fill the rest of the glass to the top until the better part of a can of Coke had been used. When I was still living at the old house, Bike Jerks AV guy Kevvy, saw this concoction and proclaimed that I in fact didn't love booze as I have always professed but instead just loved Coke. Needless to say this scathing comment cut to the bone. I quickly dismissed his comment as "asshole," but for the next few weeks it stuck with me and and kept gnawing at my soul. The end result of all this hellish introspection was a switch to highball glasses and boozier drinks. (Thanks Kev)

Even in smaller doses, and though it is delicious, Coke is pretty gross stuff. It leaves that weird film on your teeth, which always makes me feel like an eight year old.

Enter Ginger Ale, and the refined gentleman's cocktail of whiskey ginger compared to the college freshman's whiskey Coke. Ginger ale doesn't make your teeth feel like they're rotting out of your skull and thus is tasty way deeper into the evening. Is great with a lime (shoutout to my man, the King of Limes), and I'm guessing is going to be my cocktail of choice from now until infinity.

Coke we had a long run, but I'm fucking over it.



JMan said...

Ginger Ale is ok, but ginger beer (non alcoholic) is the bomb. Nothing beats the spicy ginger burn that a good ginger ale will provide. Look for Fentiman's, Stewarts, or Minnesota's own Cock and Bull.Goes well with KY Burboun or Good Quality Rum such as Madison's Old Sugar Distillery Cane and Abe, or when craft rum isnt available, Sailor Jerry always treats a guy right.

Anonymous said...

You're doing it wrong. The only thing you should be mixing with your Bourbon is ice, or if you like it warm, a splash of water.

Mmmmm.. Bourbon.

Jeff said...

I am in no way a stranger to the ways of "on the rocks" but it's typically a few drinks in when I drop the mixer and go for it straight up.

Anonymous said...

Right, and I owe you an apology for trying to tell you how to drink your Bourbon. How a man drinks his whiskey is his own affair. I'm going to try adding a slice in ginger to mine in the near future, thanks for the suggestion.

If you're feeling fancy, I'm a huge fan of these guys:


Jeff said...

you sir are a true gentleman and inspiration.

jono said...

Definitely my drink of choice in the spring-fall-winter months. A good ginger ale (canada dry or the like) and a kentucky bourbon and some ice. Shit. So fucking great.

BikeEC said...

Don't we (midwesterners) spend mucho time with our music collections and alcohol to celebrate the summer as well?

Chris said...

Huge fan of the whiskey ginger. I'm a Jameson man myself, so the Jameson Ginger is how I roll.

Anonymous said...

If you define yourself by what you drink you are a chump. People drink alcohol to get drunk. If you are drinking for taste then who gives a shit what you like. Taste is subjective. It is like looking down on someone who eats bananas and thinking you got swag or style because you like kiwis. Fuck off and drink what you got, enjoy it no matter what it is and share it with others.