January 20, 2011

Getting by: Alcohol and Music

God, super sorry to be talking about nothing but winter lately but you gotta write what you know. There are many modes of surviving the winter, some go tanning, some just get shut in and depressed, I as Mark$ter would say "embrace the darkness" and get way into liquor and record collecting.

The record collection bit especially this year since we now have a semi regular weekly Euchre (best card game ever) night where we listen to albums. To that end I have been buying tons of albums off of Amazon, which if you've never done is fucking great. You just type in what you want and it pulls up all the available in it's system which includes tons of independent record stores. I've been able to find all sorts of titles that I've always wanted and never seen in person before such as The Warriors soundtrack and Waylon Jennings "Honky Tonk Heroes." The best part is of course that you can purchase these items from the comfort of your home and still support independent record stores.


This weekend I ordered a bunch of rap records some of which came today. (along with my favorite Funkadelic album and a Modern Lovers record (I still for the life of me can't fathom why the Modern Lovers aren't every nerds favorite band, they're amazing)) While I usually buy used records I have found out the hard way that used hip hop is way too dicey a game. You never know what some dipshit wannabe DJ was doing with it.


Al said...

Illmatic is one of the most phenominal rap albums of all time!

Josh said...

Pretty jealous of ATLiens and Illmatic on vinyl. Excellent picks.

Jeff said...

I've got The Infamous by Mobb Deep coming soon.

I tried to get Bobby Digital but it's crazy expensive.

Jeff said...

It's awesome that with the death of cd's it totally makes sense to buy vinyl, especailly when they come with digital downloads.