January 7, 2011

Favorite Things: Winter Essentials: Cat Crap

One of the things I hate about winter riding is that often when you pull up to a stop light or stop sign, your glasses will fog up on you leaving you blind going through the intersection until you get riding again and they clear up.

The solution to this problem is a product called Cat Crap.


You just smear a tiny amount on with your finger, then buff it until invisisble with an appropriate cloth.

I usually just use my t-shirt

Just like that, no more fog. A container costs $6 and lasts years. I apply it every few weeks. If you're in MPLS, I bought mine at Midwest Mountaineering.


d334 said...

great Idea, what is the brand of those glasses you used in the picture

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! Having this exact issue. Great blog that I check out regularly.

Jeff said...

an old pair of Smith's

blair said...

do you know if it's safe to use on prescription lenses?

Jeff said...

I have no idea if it's safe to use on prescription glasses. I believe it is safe for glass if that helps.

Tim D. said...

From the product descriptions I've found, it's safe on all eyeglasses. Being a glasses wearer in winter is the worst. I definitely have to try this stuff out.

d'emploi said...

yeah, awesome thing to share. thnx

raphael said...

shaving cream works just as well.