January 14, 2011


120 miles commuting this week, in those miles were also three crashes.
My first, second, and third of this winter.

It's snowing this evening and the drivers are on edge and freaked out. At 54th and Nicollet some dude in a Prius pulled out of his parking space and right into me. I had the right of way and lights, so he definitely should have seen me. As I put my hand on the hood to keep from going down, I briefly looked up and realized the car in front had slowed for a red light. I grabbed a handful of brake and tried to slow my legs and maneuver across to the other side in an "S" motion. I slipped out on the ice and slid under the car's bumper and came to a stop. Hopped up, grabbed my bike and broke the fuck out as quick as possible, I knew that I had done no damage to the car I slid under, and the last thing I wanted to deal with was this.

It's a hard world out there.


Bernardo said...

My mother just read this and said, "That's it! We're finding your helmet tomorrow!"

fuzzy said...

You are a bad ass Mother F*R Mr. Frane.