January 3, 2011

Textures of Winter

Cleaned and lubed my Big Block yesterday and as I was cleaning the bike I got stoked on all the different textures and colors that the weather and riding had deposited on it. Salt has a unique patina all it's own.



Anonymous said...

Rad photos good sir.

Is that an AC stainless cog in the first shot? Definitely picking one of those up soon. Seems like an excellent solution to salty roads.

agleck7 said...

Got any pics of how the bike cleaned up and/or your winter cleaning techniques?

Jeff said...

I just wipe it down, and lube my chain and the nipples on my wheels.

Yes that's an AC stainless cog.

Kurt Kinetic road machine bike trainer said...

Those are wonderful photos. However, you should take good care of your bike, most especially when winter time.